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Harris Allen PhD                                       
Founder and Principal

Harris AllenDr. Allen formed the Harris Allen Group in 1997 to provide multidisciplinary consulting on performance and strategy development in health care.  This enterprise built on more than 15 years in industry and has continued to be complemented by a parallel set of academic activities.

Dr. Allen’s industry experience has spanned posts in the non-profit and private sectors. He has held posts at The Rand Corporation, Aetna Life and Casualty, New England Medical Center and Coopers & Lybrand, LLP. On the academic side, he has served in various lecturer or scholar capacities at the Yale School of Public Health, Jefferson Medical College, Brown University School of Public Health and Tufts University. 

He has directed numerous projects involving the development, implementation, analysis and reporting of surveys and integrated databases. Clients have ranged from employers, employer coalitions, health plans, health plan associations, pharmaceutical and specialty firms to state agencies. His specialty is working with tools that scientifically measure and manage various issues related to value and sustainability, health and productivity, safety, disease management, quality of care, health care outcomes and patient satisfaction, workers compensation and disability, group health, pharmaceutical use, managed care and return on investment.

He has published and presented widely on numerous topics in value and sustainability, health and productivity, and health care. Click here for his profile (one page), here his track record (two page), and here for a stand-alone compilation of his professional discourse. Click here his expanded resume.


Alberto M. Colombi MD MPH
Population Health Management Practitioner

Alberto ColombiDr. Colombi has recently shifted to the role of population health management practitioner after having served as the Global Corporate Medical Director for PPG Industries from 1995 to 2012.  His professional emphasis has been the advancement of integrated (occupational and non-occupational) health and productivity management.

A native of Milan, Italy, Colombi earned Doctor of Medicine degree and Occupational Medicine Specialty degrees from the University of Milan and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. Since 2002 he has served as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh/Behavioral and Social Health.

He has published extensively on health and medical subjects, has been a speaker in numerous venues and forums and is a member of numerous advisory boards. Among his activities has been a leading role in the Pittsburgh Regional Health Care Initiative, where he has focused on the chronic disease management improvement process with particular attention to Diabetes and Depression.

In 2003, he received the Innovation in Occupational and Environmental Health Award from the Occupational and Environmental Health Foundation and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Since then, he has lead several worksite implementations of the “10 keys ™   to Healthy Aging ” program in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh. In 2010 he received the Value Based Health Award from the Institute for Health and Productivity Management and in 2011 received the IHPM President’s Award.

Statistical / Research Methods

William Rogers, PhD
Senior Scientist
Tufts Medical Center
Quality Data Management, Inc.

Bill RogersDr. Rogers is widely recognized as a leading statistician in health services research.  He serves as a senior scientist at Tufts Medical Center and is a principal at a leading data collection firm, Quality Data Management.  He also advises a variety of clients in business, academia, and government on development of analytic tools and their application to health issues.

He joined the then Health Institute at Tufts in 1993 to provide statistical and research design expertise, and has performed in this capacity on numerous major projects, including the Medicare HMO Study and a variety of studies focusing on the health impact of depression and pain.  Before that, Dr. Rogers was a 20-year veteran of The RAND Corporation, where he led design and analysis efforts on major research projects, including the Health Insurance Experiment, the Medical Outcomes Study, and the DRG/Prospective Payment Study. 

Dr. Rogers has worked with Dr. Allen on many projects over the years, including the Employee Health Care Value Survey for the Xerox, GTE and Digital Equipment Corporations, several Navistar projects, and several BCBS plan projects. Click here for a copy of his resume.

Policy / Advisory

Mark Schlesinger, PhD
Professor of Health Economics
Yale School of Public Health

Mark SchlesingerDr. Schlesinger's research includes studies of the growth of for-profit enterprises in health and mental health care, investigations of the scope and consequences of various forms of managed care and utilization management, and analyses of public attitudes towards health care reform. He also works on government contracting for services from private agencies and the comparative performance of private nonprofit, for-profit and public agencies. 

His most recent work focuses on how individuals make sense of their health care experiences, respond to problematic events, and make choices with limited information. This work has been applied to decisions about health plans, health care providers, and health policy options.   Dr. Schlesinger has teamed up with Dr. Allen to examine how individuals with physical illness, mental illness, and other potentially vulnerable groups fare under different forms of managed care. Click here to see his resume.

Database Development /Analysis

Hong Chang, PhD
Senior Statistician 
Tufts Medical Center
Assistant Professor 
Tufts University School of Medicine

Hong ChangAs a senior statistician at Tufts Medical Center, Dr. Chang conducts and oversees analyses on a number of high profile projects both internal and external to the Center. He collaborates with other senior scientists and the development of major research grants as well as the the datasases for these grants. At the Tufts School of Medicine, he teaches biostatistics and serves as a mentor to reseach fellows. He has been with Tufts in these and related capacities since 1998.

Over the years, Dr. Chang has worked with Dr. Allen on numerous studies both at Tufts (formerly New England Medical Center) and at Coopers & Lyrand, LLP. His responsibilties have included database develpment and management as well as data analyses in a variety of capacities. This colloboration has spanned several Blue Cross Blue Shield survey projects, the Consumer Health Plan Value Survey with the Xerox Corporation, GTE and Digital Equipment Corporation, and a major multdisciplinary review of the health benefts program and strategy for Masschusetts State employees for the Group Insurance Commission. Click here for a copy of his resume.

Infrastructure Support

iiON Corporation


iiON Corporation is a Strategic Partner in providing Enterprise Feedback Management Systems for survey, profile, segmentation of groups and sub groups, email management, rewards and realt-time analytics. Additionally, iiON’s Intellectual Property U.S. Patent-pending Application No. 11/088,581 simultaneously gather user data metrics, behaviors, attitudes and opinions, based on the user’s responses that are dynamic and in real time. iiON has partnered with us on two engagements. Click here for more on iiON and its clients.
Contact:  Roy DiBenerdini, CEO

Circum Network, Inc.


Circum Network is a full-service research supplier specializing in quantitative analysis and high-quality, large-scale data collection. (Hull, Québec , Canada).  Over the past few years, it has developed CallWeb (callweb), a full featured on-line data collection system.  Circum has collected electronic surveys data for us on two survey projects.Contact:  Benoît Gauthier, Founder and President